Online Adaptation

In the last decade, business has completely changed-evolving faster than ever recorded. Due to the introduction and gradual imposition of online commerce, bright young minds are now a necessity to survive in the corporate world. Without stating any absolutes, the business owners and decision makers that have passed their prime are having a massive amount [...]

Saving for Retirement

A footnote of the American dream is the difficulty that many workers encounter when attempting to save enough to retire. Retirement is supposedly the carrot on a string that motivates the gears of industry, but as time advances and the population grows; it becomes far less attainable for any member of the middle class. For [...]

Business news: Gopayment

While credit cards have developed a bad media reputation because of the potential debt intricacies, a recent phone and tablet app has brought some good news to the table. Especially for the demographic of business owners, Gopayment has brought sales to a virtually new platform. The application is free, and allows users to download it [...]

Social Media in Relation to Business

While technologies grow, humans have begun to change their communication behavior. Instead of face to face talk and physical feelings, society now sends and receives information through the internet superhighway, specifically social media websites. The most popular of these is currently Facebook, closely followed by Twitter and Google chrome. While the companies that produce these [...]

Intellectual Property in Business

As a thought is not a feasible and measurable thing, it can be hard to track the source of an idea. This leads to thievery and dispute, which eventually lead to the logical incorporation of patents. Without these, companies would have nothing to base their success on, as any competitor could easily match the strategy [...]

Alternative Fuels and Business

While the race for oil fueled a major part of the American economy for the last century, the growing scarcity of the substance has begun to shift financial interest to those companies focused on more sustainable forms of energy. From wind power to nuclear energy, the world is fast realizing the importance of such worthy [...]

Supply and Demand

Supply and demand is taught in schools as one of the most basic economic concepts. As soon as children can learn about currency and its relation to goods and services, they are next taught the demands of the market. These demands completely control the supply of goods and services that companies and corporations create on [...]


Marketing has become the lifeblood of business. It shapes the desires, thought processes, and financial decisions of all consumers. Even if specific slogans and advertisement based persuasions do not resonate with the reader or viewer, they are still exposed to the image or slogan of the products and services. This has a subconscious effect on [...]


The CEO (chief executive officer) is the highest executive position in the corporate world. This officer controls the inner workings and actions of company departments and employees. The chief executive officer makes the most important decisions, like where to place budget cuts and what sort of direction the company should continue to go in or [...]


CFO The CFO is unofficially agreed upon to be the second most important executive position, not including the owner of the company. Shadowing the chief executive officer, the CFO (chief financial officer) is responsible for making large financial decisions for the company, as well as analyzing the information they find and are given, and lastly [...]