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While credit cards have developed a bad media reputation because of the potential debt intricacies, a recent phone and tablet app has brought some good news to the table. Especially for the demographic of business owners, Gopayment has brought sales to a virtually new platform. The application is free, and allows users to download it and pay a small fee for each transaction. These transactions can take place absolutely anywhere with an encrypted card reader. This makes any business that can move its goods or services completely mobile.

This application began in the app store for the iPhone, and became popular almost immediately with entrepreneurs. The app gives the ability to transfer the funds from the customer directly to a bank. This coexists with growingly used bank applications, which will then allow the owner to directly buy more supplies or improved products, as well as being able to pay their employees, even if they aren’t quite as mobile.

The extent of security that the application creators put into this is widely impressive from a business standpoint. After downloading the program initially, each user must apply separately to become approved for accepting credit cards. Without this feature, many users would be nervous to give their credit cards to smaller scaled entrepreneurships in fear of fraud. Once approved, the Gopayment user can begin right away. The card reader plugs directly into the audio jack, and the program itself brings up a screen that prompts the customer to sign for the purchase.

The payment options for Gopayment are relatively unique, as they have two options that depend upon the frequency of the card reader use. The encouraged option is to pay a monthly fee of about thirteen dollars, which makes the sales percentage for using the program a mere 1.7%. The other option, for customers that may have less expensive products or less use for the app¸ the monthly rate can be ignored at the cost of an additional one percent per sales transaction.

As with any innovative and new technology, there can be confusion between the user and the programmer, which can lead to frustration for less than competent products and services. To solve this, the creators of Gopayment added a support line that runs twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. This helps to take credit card payments internationally without any trouble, as well as giving a helpful and guiding voice if and when the user runs into any sort of mechanical trouble or bugs in the program.

The app allows salespeople to collect tips as well, which can be transferred to a bank account in the same transaction as the profitable revenue. All forms of money and tips are always agreed upon and easy to understand for both parties. To assist this feature, Gopayment offers receipts. These are not in any way a traditional receipt that would be given to someone in person in a transaction with an actual credit card machine. The tablet or phone can send a receipt, listing the price, sales tax, and tips charged to the customer, through text or email. These virtual representations of a purchase gives the user an increased feeling of security, and are just as credible and legitimate as a paper receipt.

The formatting for purchases with this application is arguably perfect. Above the signature section is a digital reminder of the total that will be charged to the customer’s card. The payment information section includes the name of the consumer as well as the date, sales tax, tip, receipt information, and a couple other things. The screen never seems to appear too crowded and is laid out for ease of use. Products can be ordered in paid for in controllable quantities, which can go up and down with an addition and subtraction button. All sales are tracked and easy to comprehend, as the terms and service of Gopayment help to guide the fiscal process.

Gopayment, though recently introduced, has already had a monumental impact for small businesses. For small shop owners that never dreamed of selling anything anywhere else can now unload products on the go. As the program grows and is used more often, its appearance in the business world is sure to increase.

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