Marketing has become the lifeblood of business. It shapes the desires, thought processes, and financial decisions of all consumers. Even if specific slogans and advertisement based persuasions do not resonate with the reader or viewer, they are still exposed to the image or slogan of the products and services. This has a subconscious effect on the human mind, imprinting the idea of having that bottle of soda or seeing that movie while the mind is at ease. This creates the seed of desire, which will eventually grow, based on factors like continued exposure and accessibility, until one or more of the good is purchased. This is the end result for marketing experts; the official goal of the job.

Marketing has advanced to a point that entire companies are based upon and composed of marketers that look to be contracted with corporations that actually produce things. Marketing, then, is classified as a service. A popular and growingly advantageous service at that, marketers are present in almost any large scale company. They take the product or service, and make it as compelling as possible to the eye of a customer. Advertisements come through a large amount of formats, from the most popular, the television commercial, to the physically largest, like billboards and banners, they are placed all throughout the life of the consumer.

To compare it to an advertisement itself, the human life is much like a television show in terms of content. The majority is informational and important content, with subtle product placement, like brands of food being eaten and types of shoes being worn. The rest, however, is full of blatant advertisement. For the show, this would be the commercial segment, but it has gotten to a point that life itself has so many marketing fillers, that almost twenty percent of our time is spent reading a magazine ad, passing a poster for a new movie in the mall, almost every possible visited location is now filled with the work of marketing agents. There is no place, no activity that can be performed without some sort of sales pitch or attempt to initiate a financial transaction.

To someone that has not witnessed the last half-century of human and commercial behavior; the amount of advertisement in the world would be shocking. This is completely due to the work of the previously mentioned marketing agents and companies. An overwhelming amount of thought is put into the posters, commercials, and printed ads: thoughts that are debated and manipulated by rooms and buildings full of people. These ideas and finalized versions of advertisements are then reviewed and possibly changed by the corporate leaders selling the product or service. On average, an advertisement won’t last for more than a couple weeks, until it is then suited to fit a new consumer desire or instinct.

To speak more towards to appeal of instinct and its relation to marketing, there are usual multiple draws to the born desires of men and women. For men, the most common is an attractive woman in an advertisement. Companies that specialize in manly things like razors and motorcycles will usually be given an advertisement from there marketers that in some way involves a woman with extremely attractive attributes. This rule also applies to woman products in some cases, though it is a less common sort of appeal. Other advertisements will also include foods that are extremely hunger-fulfilling or “mouth-watering” to affect the vulnerable minds of people that have not eaten recently. Marketing, in its most pure and naked form, preys on the weaknesses of our most powerful instincts, especially sex and hunger.

Marketing has grown exponentially in the increasingly globalized society that humanity has established. It is now an inherit part of daily life. In placement of actual content is the attempt to hypothetically access ones purse or wallet. Many would classify advertisements as dishonest, which this article will neither agree nor disagree with. One confirmed element is that there is intention behind ads that differs from simply informing or interacting with people in a communicative format. As this trend increases, it is gradually changing society. By modifying content to fit the agenda of marketers, the composition of commerce and business itself is being changed. Marketing has a strong grip on the status of our world.

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